Hello, I'm Tian Jing, the liquid chromatography expert.

Hi, I’m Tian Jing, the funder of, I’ve been running a company in China that makes chromatography instruments and parts. We are all in the technology development of liquid chromatography for over 11 years. Currently, we have three laboratories and two factories in China. If there is anything we can help with, please let me know without any hesitation. Waiting for your messages.

Know More About Me

Hi, guys. I'm Tian. I'm from Wuxi China with a Master's degree in Chemistry Technology. I worked as a sales engineer in the GALAK Chromatography with certified engineer certification. I worked the professors from the USA, Japan, UK, and France with the modification of production lines and product development, and helped colleagues and customers to solve their problems in products application.

Pour a lot of energy and money into the research and development of the packing materials and application methods of liquid chromatography, we have got about 10 series of products including affinity chromatography resins, ion-exchange resins, silica-gel resins, perfusion chromatography. Our newest products are among world-class levels in the purification of proteins, antibodies, peptides, viruses, mRNA, DNA.

With the exceptional job of our professional teams, our international business is among the top Chinese companies in liquid chromatography. So far today, we help over 80 laboratories and factories to solve their problems. Our products have been exported to over 10 countries. 

Do you have problems with your liquid chromatography? If so, our company that specializes in this area is here for help. With our professional teams and state-of-the-art equipment, we can solve any problem big or small!



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I usually reply within 12 hours  ^_^