CBD Purification HPLC Method

CBD purification is based on reverse-phase liquid chromatography. This technique is based on the proven plant extraction and purification technologies in industrial areas.

HPLC method has the advantages of high pressure, reliable performance, safety, and low maintenance cost. The production cost and the purity of the final chemical are all controlled. 

Compare with other methods, the solvent and packing material costs in HPLC can reduce over 50%.

For pharmaceutical-grade CBD powders, the HPLC purification method is the best choice. Combine with recrystallization, you can get 99%-99.9% CBD powder.

DAC-800 HPLC system

Purification Results

Model Daily Output * Flow Rate CBD Purity
DAC-100 2.1kg 1-300ml 90-95%
DAC-800 60kg 1-6L 90-95%
* Daily output based on 24 hours running, full power operation

It is based on HEMP distillate (75% CBD) samples. Purify period is 20-35 minutes.

CBD purification chromatogram picture

Comparison Of HPLC Devices For CBD Purification

  • Flow rate: 1-300ml/min
  • Pressure: 200bar/2900psi
  • Packing material: 500-1500g
  • Tube size: innerdiameter 100mm; length 250-1000mm
  • UV detector
  • Flow rate: 1-6L/min
  • Pressure: 100bar/1450psi
  • Packing material: 10-50kg
  • Tube size: innerdiameter 800mm; length 250-1000mm
  • UV detector

HPLC vs. Flash Chromatography For CBD Purification

1. Flow Rate

The flow rate of the prep HPLC system is from 300ml/min to 6L/min which is more suitable for industrial purposes. The flow rate of the common flash chromatography system is 200-300 ml/min. The maximum flow rate of the prep flash chromatography system is 800 ml/min.

2. Purification Time

Under the same flow rate, the purification time of the prep HPLC system is less than half the time that the flash chromatography system takes.

3. Solvent Consumption

Prep HPLC : Flash = 1 : 2.5-3 (same condition)

4. Packing Material

Prep HPLC system has multiple choice for the particle size of packing material from 5um to 100um. For flash chromatography, 10um particles may too small because of their low flow rate.

5. Safty

The explosive-proof cabinet is optical for high demand plants.

Operation video of lab-grade DAC-50 and DAC-150, click here >> 

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