DNA Analysis Column

DNA columns are based on the most advanced column technology and designed for highly efficient separation and precise characterization of oligonucleotides including DNA/RNA, mRNA, and plasmid by liquid chromatography and LC-MS.

  • DNA RP columns are based on macroporous PS-DVB microspheres with high crosslinking degrees and they are suitable for the separation of large DNA and RNA molecules.
  • DNA NP SAX is a hydrophilic quaternary amino functional layer on the surface of monodispersed, nonporous, spherical PS-DVB particles
  • DNA 200-C18, based on monodispersed C18 bonded silica gel, is used for the separation of smaller oligonucleotides.
  • DNA 1000-C18 is based on monodispersed C18 bonded silica gel for the separation of large oligonucleotides, DNAs, and RNAs.



DNA RP DNA NP SAX DNA 120-C18 DNA 1000-C18
Functional Group - Quaternary Ammonium Octadecyl


Substrate PS-DVB Spherical Silica Spherical Silica
Particle Size 5um 5um 3um/5um 3um/5um
Pore Size - - 200A 1000A
Pressure Limit 5000 psi 5000psi for 5μm

6000psi for 3μm

5000psi for 5μm

6000psi for 3μm

Temperature Limit 80℃ 50℃ 50℃
pH Range 2-12 2-11 2-11

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