Dynamic Axial Compression Column

DAC & Control System

Dynamic axial compression column (DAC) HPLC system, is the most mature area of preparative chromatography using the technology of packing column. DAC column maintain their own pressure, discharge packing materials automatically, has the function of high-performance liquid chromatography and column packing column machine. Using the DAC system can completely satisfy the continuity of the column bed, uniformity, stability, and tightness requirements, eliminate the influence of the column bed collapse. DAC system is widely used in the industrial purification process, like peptides purification, natural chemical purification.

  • Mature products, stable performance.
  • Independent intellectual property rights, with a number of patented technology.
  • Excellent distributor design for linear amplification.
  • Perfect supporting device, easy to operate.
  • Inner diameter 50~1000mm, length 500~1000mm.
Dynamic axial compression column DAC

Dynamic Axial Compression Column Parts

GALAK choose high-level suppliers worldwide. We use detectors, control units, seal rings from U.S. and Japan to guarantee DAC system performance. Equipment parts choices are according to your requests.

small Dynamic Axial Compression Column
Preparative HPLC system1000
dac detector
dac system parts

Dynamic Axial Compression Column Operation Video

Dynamic Axial Compression Column System Advantages

  • Using truss grinding in the column tube, increase the service life of the high-pressure sealing ring.
  • High-quality screen plate, provide the certificate.
  • Large preparative column sieve plate is convenient for loading and unloading with good sealing performance forced distribution.
  • The hydraulic cylinder is designed and manufactured by first-class manufacturers with a quality guarantee.
  • Multiple choices for the material contact with the fluid: 316 Stainless Steel/ PTFE / PEEK.

GALAK Advantages

dac manufacture
dac manufacture
Dynamic Axial Compression Column manufacture
Dynamic Axial Compression Column manufacture

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