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GALAK Chromatography Technology Co., Ltd all in the liquid chromatography area since 2009. With over 11 years of development, we build 3 laboratories and 2 factories in Wuxi, Shanghai, and Zhuhai China. Products include HPLC columns, resins, instruments, and one-in-all solutions for biochemical purification. Customization service for HPLC column and packing materials is available, let us know your requests. Waiting for your message.

Technical Parameter

Packing Materials Column Size
C18 3/5/8/10um 2.1mm ID, 30-150mm L.
C8 5/8/10um 3.0mm ID, 30-300mm L.
SiO2 3/5/8/10um 4.0mm ID, 30-300mm L.
CN 3/5/10um 4.6mm ID, 10-300mm L.
NH2 3/5/10um 7.8mm ID, 100-300mm L.
Phenyl 3/5/10um 10mm ID, 30-300mm L.
SEC 150/ SEC 300/ SEC 500 20mm ID, 30-300mm L.
Chiral AD/AJ/OD/OJ/OZ 5/10um 30mm ID, 30-500mm L.
HILIC column 3/5um 50mm ID, 30-500mm L.
Sugar 10Ca/10Na/10H 6/8um

DNA Column

HIC Column

SCX Column

Customized Size

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