Gel Filtration Chromatography Resin

Gel filtration chromatography achieves the purpose of separation according to the size of solute molecules. Gel filtration chromatography is also known as volume exclusion chromatography, molecular sieve chromatography. Gel filtration chromatography media are inert spherical granular materials with a porous network structure.

GALAK provides two types of gel filtration media: crosslinked agarose microspheres and crosslinked glucan microspheres.

Gel Filtration Chromatography

GLKgel GFC Agarose Media

GALAK has two types of agarose gel filtration media: 4% and 6% agarose gel. Crosslinked agarose gel (CL) is a low-strength crosslinking agarose gel with better physical and chemical stability. High-velocity agarose gel (FF) is high strength crosslinking agarose gel with good physical and chemical stability, can be sterilized by heat and humidity, and withstand various working conditions in protein production.

Products Molecular Weight (globulin) Particle Size Pressure Flow Rate pH Range
GFC 4B 6×104-2×107 90μm (45-165μm)


Customized Size:

25-46μm & 165-300μm

≤0.02MPa 12 cm/h 4-9 (Long) 4-9 (Short)
GFC 4FF 7×104-2×107 ≤0.3MPa 250 cm/h 2-12 (Long) 2-14 (Short)
GFC 6B 1×104-4×106 ≤0.02MPa 14 cm/h 4-9 (Long) 4-9 (Short)
GFC CL-6B 1×104-4×106 ≤0.05MPa 30 cm/h 3-12 (Long) 2-14 (Short)
GFC 6FF 1×104-4×106 ≤0.3MPa 300 cm/h 2-12 (Long) 2-14 (Short)

GLKgel GFC PG Media

GLK GFC PG series is gel filtration chromatography media (volume exclusion chromatography) for fine purification of biomolecules and buffer replacement on laboratory and industrial production scales.

Products GFC G-30PG GFC G-75PG GFC G-200PG
Particle Size 35μm (25-45μm)
Separation Range ≤ 10kDa (globulin) 3-70kDa (globulin) 10-600kDa (globulin)
pH Range 3-12 (long), 1-14 (short)
Pressure Resistance 0.3MPa
Flow Rate 30-50cm/h, 90cm/h (max.)
Chemical Resistance 8M urea, 6M Guanidine HCl, 70% EtOH, 1M NaOH
Autoclaving 121℃×30min (0.5M NaCl, pH 7.0)
Storage 0.2M NaAc, 20%EtOH, 4-30 ℃

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