High-performance Liquid Chromatography System

Semi-preparative, Preparative Types

Combining with 20 years of committed focus and experience, we have developed a series of advanced, reliable preparative HPLC systems. Dedicated to the research and development of HPLC systems for the past twenty years, we always maintaining reliable quality, excellent performance, and leading technology With a team of top engineers in micro-electronics, machinery, optics, and software, we execute the strict standard of design and engineering production. After two decades of experience, we have the leading HPLC technology.

  • Digital control HPLC system
  • Intelligent professional auto-sampler in China
  • Digital quaternary gradient infusion system in China
Preparative HPLC system1000

Advantages of GALAK HPLC System

Preparative HPLC system100 in lab

Different Configuration for Different Needs

Flow rate from 50-3000 mL. Isocratic & Gradient Elution. UV detector.

Column Oven

The integrated temperature control and solvent tray make the unit both attractive and practical.

Detector Unit

UV detector

Infusion Unit

Semi-preparative type, Preparative type.

Intelligent Auto-sampler For HPLC System

GALAK HPLC system is equipped with control software that can easily operate via PC. Sample analysis, dilution and mixing, and other steps in processing can be performed conveniently and quickly by the user-friendly design facilitates.

The use of the internationally advanced metering pump with non-wearing materials enables the number of sampling to reach 1 million times, ensures the long-term stability of the analysis data, and avoids the troubles of regularly replacing the accessories.

Preparative hplc system 1000 pump
Preparative hplc system 100 pump
Preparative hplc system 3000 pump

Workstation Software For HPLC System

Professional chromatographic workstation software are provided to fulfill different needs.

Comprehensive, safe and reliable.

Preparative HPLC system operation station


HPLC application

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