Laboratory Protein Purification System

Laboratory protein purification chromatography system is specially designed for the purification and preparation of laborator-level biological samples such as proteins, antibodies, etc. It is suitable for the development of purification technology and sample preparation of biological products such as proteins, vaccines, blood products, monoclonal antibodies, polysaccharides and natural products. The laborator-level chromatography system is highly automated, enables intensive programmatic exploration, powerful software, and hardware support for multiple solvents, samples, and chromatography columns.
The system adopts modular, functional and intelligent design to facilitate customers to choose the most suitable purification system according to their actual needs.


System Configuration For Laboratory Protein Purification System

The system configurationof laboratory protein purification chromatography system is according to customer's actual needs. There are three basic types for different requests.

  • 36mL/min (optional 100mL/min) double plunger pump
  • Inlet valve
  • Up to 11 buffer entrances
  • Up to 6 sample entrances
  • Optional sample pump
  • Up to 5 column selection valves
  • Chromatography column flow switching valve
  • Up to 6 outlets for valve selection
  • UV detector, optional 280nm, multi-wavelength
  • pH/ conductance, post column detector
  • pH/ conductance, column front detector (optional)
  • RI differential refractive index detector (optional)
  • Collector (optional)
  • Chromatography control software (like Unicorn)

Instrument Parts

High precision self-cleaning pump head; High precision, long life and high reliability electric control valve; Conductance /UV/RI integrated design; Convenient collector; Rich in configuration, Prime, Pure, and Advance systems meet all levels of requirements from low to high.




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