SEC Column

GALAK SEC is a family of high-performance, size exclusion chromatography (SEC) columns for separating a broad range of biomolecules based on the size of the analyte. The column technology involves the creation of a neutral hydrophilic layer on the surface of specially designed high-strength, monodispersed, silica particles followed by a well-established production process. Therefore, GALAK SEC columns have abroad application range in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and academic research.

  • High column efficiency, high resolution;
  • Minimal undesired interactions between the stationary phase and analytes, resulting in good peak shape and recovery;
  • High physical strength for better column lifetime;
  • The broad range of applications, including small molecule drugs, peptides, proteins, oligos, glycans, etc.

Main Characters

  • SEC-150 - designed for separating peptides, glycans, small oligos, small proteins.
  • SEC-300 - designed for mAb aggregate determination.
  • SEC-500 - designed for separating larger proteins and oligos.
  SEC-150 SEC-300 SEC-500
Ligand Diol
Substrate Monodisperse High-pure Silica Particle
Particle Size 5um
Pore Size 150A 300A 500A
pH Range 2-8
Temperature <40℃
Pressure 6000psi
Ligand Range (PEG) 200-15,000 1.000-100,000 5,000-200,000
Ligand Range (Glucan) 1,000-50,000 5,000-150,000 20,000-500,000
Ligand Range (Globular Protein) 5,000-150,000 10,000-1,000,000 20,000-2,000,000


SEC Column comparasion

Column Black: SEC-150, 5μm

Column Blue: SEC-300, 5μm

Column Red: SEC-500, 5μm

Dimension: 4.6×300mm

Mobile phase: 150 mM Phosphate Buffered Saline (pH 6.8)

Flow rate: 0.35 mL/min

Temperature: 30 ℃

Injection: 5μL

Detection: UV 280 nm


1. Thyroglobulin (0.5mg/mL) -669,000Da

2. Conalbumin (1mg/mL) -75,000Da

3. Ribonuclease A (1mg/mL) -13,700Da

4. Uracil (0.1mg/mL) ‒112Da

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