Sugar Analysis Column

To meet the analysis requirements of different types of polysaccharides, sugar alcohols and organic acids, Galaksil sugar analysis column use two kinds of PS-DVB monodisperse microspheres with different degree of cross-linking, three types of hydrogen-type, sodium-type and calcium-type were formed through a unique sulfonation bonding process based on coordination exchange principle.


  Sugar-10H Sugar-10Ca Sugar-10Na
Ligand -SO3H -SO3Ca -SO3Na
Substrate Monodisperse PS-DVB substrate
Particle Size 6um/8um
Degree of crosslinking 0.1
pH Range 1-3 5-9 5-9
Temperature <95℃
Pressure 1200psi
Application Organic acids and alcohols mixer  honey and oligosaccharides sugars and mannitols


sugar analysis column 10H

Column: Sugar-10H, 6um

Dimension: 7.8x300mm

Mobile phase: 9mM H2SO4

Flow rate: 0.5mL/min

Temperature: 65℃

Injection: 5μL

Detector: RID


1. Citric acid; 2. Malic acid; 3. Succinic acid;

4. Formic acid; 5. Acetic acid.

sugar analysis column 10Ca


ColumnSugar-10Ca, 6um


Mobile phase: H2O

Flow rate: 0.5mL/min

Temperature: 80°C

Injection: 5uL

Detection: RID


1. Sucrose; 2. Galactose; 3. Fructose; 4. Mannito; 5. Sorbitol

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