Liquid Chromatography

Resin, Column, Instrument, Solution

Enveloped Virus Vaccine Purification

VirCap® AF Purfusion Resin

mRNA Purification

VirCap® Oligo dT(25) Affinity Resin

Adenoviridae ADV Purification

VirCap® InertShell Core-Shell Resin


Liquid Chromatography Products & Solution

GALAK Chromatography is all in the areas of liquid chromatography for over 10 years, with more than 1,500 square meters of R&D center and 2,000 square meters of production bases. Our products cover most parts of HPLC and medium-low liquid chromatography areas, like packing materials, prepacked columns, analysis/preparative instruments, industrial purification equipment, and other support equipment. Best sales over most parts of the middle and high-end market. Based on U.S.A and Japan technologies, GALAK developed our unique processing technique for liquid chromatography resins. With the help of 3 Ph.D. research teams, GALAK overcomes the technical problems of microparticles, binding, and end-capping. New types of products are gradual to markets each year.

Cooperating with top scientists, we helped over 100 laboratories and factories to develop their technologies in biochemical areas. We hope to be your strong technical support for your success.


We provide the most reliable packing materials and high-effiency solution that you are looking for.

Peptides and Proteins

Regular C18/C8 packing materials with strict quality control. HPLC analysis columns for laboratories and factories.


Agarose, polymer, and PS-DVB substrates with over 10 types of ligands to meet your multiple needs of analysis and manufacture.

Virus & mRNA

New products for the purification of virus & mRNA. Technical support with Ph.D. teams.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your liquid chromatography needs.

Liquid Chromatography Media

Affinity Media

  • Antibody(mAbs) Analysis Column
  • RNA Purification
  • Virus Purification

Ion-exchange Media

  • PS-DVB Matrix
  • Agarose Matrix

Silica-gel Media

  • C18/C8 Silica-gel
  • CN/NH2/Phenyl Silica-gel
  • Silica-gel

Perfusion Media

  • Virus Purification
  • Large-pore Rigid Particles

Glass Column

  • Single-layer Column
  • Double-layer Column
  • Fixed-height Column

Packing System

  • Packing System For HPLC Columns
  • GLK1000 for Analysis Columns
  • GLK2000 for Preparative Columns

Injection Pump

  • High-pressure Injection Pump
  • 2500-6000psi
  • Stainless Steel & PEEK

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