Affinity Chromatography Packing Material

Protein A/G, Nickel Resin

GALAK Affinity Chromatography packing materials and pre-packed columns use for proteins and antibody analysis and isolation.

With independent intellectual property rights of core technologies, GALAK provides high-quality liquid chromatography resins and pre-packed columns. GALAK selects the best suppliers from Japan, Europe, the U.S.A to provide top-class products.

Affinity Chromatography

Recombinant Protein A/G Ligand

The recombinant Protein A/G consists of 7 IgG-binding domains EDABC-C2C3, which corresponds to the Protein A and G domains that are included in the recombinant sequence. The Protein A portion is from Staphylococcus aureus segments E, D, A, B and C. The Protein G portion is from Streptococcus segments C2 and C3. The fusion protein has a predicted molecular mass of 50.5 kDa. But it migrates with an apparent molecular mass of approximately 45kDa in SDS-PAGE.

recombinant Protein AG

Protein A Ligand Leakage Test (ELISA)

  • Samples: 20mg hlgG/ml-resin, 9mg mAb/ml-resin
  • ELISA test: Cygnus F400 kit
ELISA test for Protein A Affinity Resin sepromax A40

Antibody fragment analysis process

Quality Guarantee

  • Production quality control
  • Certification of analysis (COA) each batch resin
  • HPLC test report for each chromatography column
  • Test samples for new customers
  • Factory evaluation, ISO certifications, regulation support files(RSF)

Affinity Chromatography Resin

Agarose Substrate

  • High cross-linked agarose
  • Good water-swellable
  • Super biological compatibility
  • Alkali resistance, 0.1-0.5M NaOH CIP

PS-DVB Substrate

  • Hydrophobic PSDVB particles
  • Super rigidity, low back pressure
  • Excellent dynamic binding capacity
  • Alkali resistance, 0.1-0.5M NaOH CIP

Ni Affinity Resin

  • Ni NTA/NTA+ Resin
  • Ni IDA Resin
  • Ni TED Resin
  • Benzamidine Affinity Media
packing material for HPLC column

Benzamidine Resin

  • Benzamidine 4FF-HS
  • Benzamidine 6FF

mAb analysis & Purification HPLC Columns

  • Direct use in HPLC system
  • About 3000-5000 testing circles (testing method)
  • Fast and accurate analysis of antibody concentration
  • Wide linearity range

There are plenty of manufacturers in chromatography resin market. But, we are the

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