VirCap® Perfusion Chromatography Resin

Combining innovative bonding and surface treatment techniques, GALAK Chromatography developed series of high-performance VirCap® perfusion chromatography resin. VirCap® is hydrophilic porous polymer microspheres developed based on PS-DVB microspheres with extremely low non-specific adsorption. VirCap® media are top-performing chromatographic media for process-scale bioseparations. The rigid, robust particles enable high-resolution separations with 2–3x the throughput of conventional fast-flow gels. They are easier to handle and pack and offer outstanding cleanability.

VirCap® perfusion chromatography media offer better choices for your purification processes in biological science, biological engineering, and pharmaceutical industry areas.

Mutiple Choices

Ion-exchange, affinity and hydrophobic interactive media. Multiple choices for different application.

Rigid Microsphere With Large Pore Size

The core of VirCap® particles is the novel porous structure with large “throughpores”. These large throughpores allow part of mobile phase flow through, quickly carrying biomolecules to smaller diffusive pores. The large “throuhpores” reduce diffusion rate of biomolecules and enhance interaction between biomolecules and functional groups on the surface. Consequently, diffusion barriers are lowered, and flow rate can be dramatically increased-without compromising capacity or resolution.

  • 3000-6000Å pore size, enable the diffusion and mass transfer for large biomolecules.
  • 45-90 micron particles, satisfy your purification processing requests.
GALAK VirCap perfuion chromatography media PHOTO
GALAK VirCap perfuion chromatography media PHOTO
GALAK VirCap perfuion chromatography media PHOTO

Flexible Tentacles

Flexible tentacle structure minimizes the steric hindrance between functional groups and target molecules. It also improves the binding capability of the target material.

Compared to traditional media,  VirCap® media have more effective capture and higher total recovery.

GALAK Chromatography Flexible Tentacles

High Flow Rate, Low Backpressure

VirCap® media offer an excellent balance of resolution and operating backpressure.
Under the condition of mobile phase change, VirCap® media exhibites almost no shrinkage or expansion. Throughpores and flexible tentacles ensures the rapid diffusion of solute, reduces the barrier of mass transfer, and realizes the high dynamic load under the operation of high flow rate.

Robust Chemical Stability

VirCap® media are rigid polymeric particles coated with a proprietary hydrophilic polymer onto which the various functional groups (ion exchange, affinity, etc.) are covalently attached. The result is a highly robust, chemically stable product that is ideally suited for large-scale biopharmaceutical applications.

Clean-in-Place Condition (CIP)

0.5-1M NaOH, organic solvent, high salt solvent.

VirCap® AF Perfusion Chromatography Resin

Virus purification is the basis of developing high-quality vaccine, and also provides an important basis for the study of virus fine morphological structure, isolation and purification of virus antigen protein, and detailed studies of virus chemical composition and genetic material.

In traditional virus vaccine purification processing, the sucrose density gradient ultrafast purification process requires high-cost large centrifugal devices. These devices with small sample loading, long treatment time, and poor removal of host cell DNA. Gel filtration chromatography, widely used in a vaccine purification process, is mild, repeatable and easy to be industrialized. But its efficiency is low, and the effect of remove heteroprotein and DNA is not obvious.

VirCap® AF media is an affinity chromatography media designed for the capture and moderate purification stages of capsular virus purification. Specific adsorption of VirCap® AF media and target occurs by simulating the affinity between ligands and virus particles with capsular membranes. With unique high loading capacity, high flow rate and low back pres-sure, VirCap® AF media reduces the process cycle time and increases the yield, fully meeting the requirements of large-scale biopharmaceutical and vaccine production processes.

VirCap® AF Media Advantages:

√ High selectivity, similar affinity to live and inactivated capsular viruses.
√ Closed operation, safety, and sterility.
√ Enrichment and purification are carried out simultaneously, increase production, reduce processing steps, time and cost.
√ Rigid particles can be operated under a high flow rate, improve the purification efficiency.
√ Good chemical stability, longer service life.

VirCap® AF Resin Parameter

Substrate Hydrophilic PS/DVB Microspheres
Particle Size 70um
Dynamic Binding Capability 100mg lysozyme/ml
Flow Rate 1000cm/h

(20℃, buffer solution viscosity same as water,pressure < 3 bar / 43.5psi, column bed height 20cm)

Column Bed Height 20-40cm
pH Stability 1-14
Working Temperature 4-30℃
CIP Condition 0.5-1M NaOH
Storage 2-8℃ 20% EtOH

VirCap® AF Resin Application

Viruses Viral/Microbial Antigens
Rabies Feline Calicivirus Herpes Simplex gA and gB Glycoprotein Subunits
Influenza Respiratory Syncytial Virus Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
Japanese Enchephalitis Human Herpes Simplex Filamentous Hemagglutinin from B. pertussis
Feline Leukemia Human Measles Leucocytosis Promoting Factor Hemagglutinin
Feline Herpes Human Parainfluenza

Test for rabies virus harvests (rabies vaccine) purification using VirCap® Perfusion Chromatography media, visit here >>

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