Packing Materials For HPLC Columns

GALAK packing material of reversed chromatography uses high purity porous silica microspheres made of high purity organic silicon. Total metal ion content < 20 ppm. Mainly use to separate peptides, proteins, and other biomacromolecules.

Silica, C18, C8, NH2, CN, phenyl columns are available.

  • Uniform particle size, High column efficiency, High resolution
  • Low poriness, no fragments in repeated packing
  • Excellent C18/C8 bonding and end-capping technologies
  • Multiple choice for different requests
  • Customization is available.

Material Characters

  Particle Size Pore Size Specific surface area Carbon content End capped Usgage pH
C18M 3/5/8/10/20/50/75μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 16% Yes 2-8
C18H 5/8/10μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 20% Yes 2-11
C8 3/5/8/10μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 12% Yes 2-8
C18Bio 5/10μm 300Ǻ 120m²/g 12% Yes 2-8
C8Bio 5/10μm 300Ǻ 120m²/g 5% Yes 2-8
NH2 5/10μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 5% Yes 2-8
CN 5/10μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 7% Yes 2-8
Phenyl 5/10μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 8% Yes 2-8
SiO2 3/5/8/10/20/50/75μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g - - 2-8
SiO2 5μm 80/100/200Ǻ 120-330m²/g - - 2-8
SiO2-Bio 5/10μm 300Ǻ 120m²/g - - 2-8

GALAK C18/C8 Performance And Application Tests

1. Particle size distribution test and electron microscope photos

  • Uniform particle size distribution.
  • Pores on surface distribute evenly.
C18 packing material particle size distributor for GALAK C18 packing material
GALAK C18 packing material hplc
C18 packing material substrate

2. NST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) SRM870 For EF-C18H packing material

  • Low metal content
  • Very low activity of silicon hydroxyl group
  • Perfect end cap technology
  • Uniform bonding

The symmetry As of peak 4 (quinone akane) and peak 5 (amittiline) in the figure respectively characterized the content of metal impurities and the activity of residual silicon hydroxyl groups in the column. The degree of separation of peak 2 (tol) and peak 3 (ethylbenzene) characterizes the degree of bonding uniformity.

According to the results, the quinone akane peak type symmetry of Galaksil EF-C8H indicates that the content of metal impurities in the filler is very low. The excellent amittiline peak shape indicates that the filler can use for the separation of alkaline compounds. The perfect separation indicates the bond is uniform and can separate compounds with only one difference of methylene.

GALAK HPLC C18 Coulmn SRM870 test

3. Repacking Test For 20 Circles

  • The percentage of particle breakage is low.
  • One batch C18/C8 packing material can be repacked for over 20 circles with proper usage.

Testing column: 4.6mm*250mm column.

Follow the standard packing method for C18/C8 packing materials.

Retest the C18 column after the packing process.

C18 packing material tests


UP C18 packing material application 1
UP C18 packing material application 2


  • Chemical compounds in packing material slurry affect the peak shape and trail.
  • Clean the column after purification of the sticky samples.
  • Operate carefully when packing the C18 packing material.

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