Ion-exchange PS-DVB Resin

Alkali-resistance Type

Sepromax® ion-exchange media base on PS-DVB microspheres. It has excellent mechanical property and can withstand pressures up to 10 MPA. 1000Å pore guarantee the free entry and exit of biomacromolecule. It is endowed with enough hydrophilicity by the unique coating technology of GALAK, while the monodisperse particles effectively reduce column pressure and mass transfer barriers.

Sepromax® lEX media use “tentacle” surface derivation technology, Functional groups are covalently bonded on the substrate surface in the form of linear polymer chains. With a larger number of effective functional groups, its low steric hindrance enables macromolecules, antibodies, viruses, and plasmids to bind more effectively to the functional groups of the media, increasing the binding capacity significantly. “Tentacle” structure effectively reduces the non-specific interaction between biomolecules and media, thus improving the recovery of target molecules.

  • Rigid particles, low back-pressure, suitable for large-scale purification processes.
  • High flow rate, high loading capacity, high purification efficiency.
  • Not easy to decompose by microorganisms, reduce the risk of endotoxin contamination.
  • Excellent chemical stability, alkali cleaning conditions, long lifetime.

Ion-exchange Resin Parameter

  Sepromax® S50 Sepromax® CM50 Sepromax® Q50 Sepromax® D50
Substrate Rigid PS-DVB microspheres
Particle Size 35-85μm
Ligand -SO3- -COO- -N+(CH3)3 -N+H(CH3)2
pH Range 2-12 6-12 2-12 2-9
pKa 1 4.5 13 8-9
Capacity 60mg hIgG/ml 80mg Lysozyme/ml 100mg Lysozyme/ml 100mg BSA/ml
Max Pressure 1500 psi (100 bar or 10 MPa)
pH Stability 1-14
Storage 20% EtOH,4-30℃

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