HPLC Columns

GALAK Chromatography supply high-performance and economical types of HPLC columns to meet your multiple needs. GALAK high-performance columns use materials all from the U.S., Japan, and Europe to guarantee your usage. All of GALAK columns can directly use in HPLC analyzers. Performance guarantee is available for all of our columns.

  • Over 10 years of HPLC column packing experience
  • Manufacturer of packing material and columns, high cost-effective
  • Delivery time guarantee, performance guarantee
  • OEM is available

HPLC Analysis Columns

  • Inner diameter: 2.1mm /3.0mm / 4.0mm / 4.6 mm
  • Length: 50 - 300 mm

HPLC Preparative Columns

  • Inner diameter: 7.8mm / 10mm / 20mm / 21.2mm / 30mm / 50 mm
  • Length: 50 - 500 mm

HPLC Column Introduction

Particle Size Pore Size Specific Surace Area Carbon Content End-capped Usage pH
C18M 3/5/8/10μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 16% Yes 2-8
C18H 5/8/10μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 20% Yes 2-11
C18L 5μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 12% Yes 2-8
C8 5/8/10μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 9% Yes 2-8
C4 3/5/10μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 3% Yes 2-8
C4Bio 5/10μm 300Ǻ 110m/g 7% Yes 2-8
C18Bio 5/10μm 300Ǻ 110m/g 8% Yes 2-8
C8Bio 5/10μm 300Ǻ 110m/g 5% Yes 2-8
Diol 3/5/10μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 8% Yes 2-8
NH2 3/5/10μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 5% Yes 2-8
CN 3/5/10μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 7% Yes 2-8
Phenyl 3/5/10μm 120Ǻ 330m²/g 8% Yes 2-8

HPLC Column Parts

Video For HPLC Preparative Columns

Analysis HPLC Prepacked Column Test Video

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