Amino Acid purification


Threonine was fermented by genetically engineered escherichia coli. The production index was 14-16%, the sugar and acid conversion rate was 58-62%, the fermentation period was 42-45 hours, and the product yield was 82-85%.


Lysine, using corynebacterium glutamate to ferment glucose to produce lysine, the production target is 25% acid production in the tank, 72% sugar-acid conversion, 45-48 hours fermentation cycle, 98.5% product yield 95-97%.


Valine, produced by fermentation with short bacillus yellow, can yield 10% of acid, yield 38-45% of sugar and acid, fermentation cycle of 65 hours, can be made into two products of feed grade and food grade.


Tryptophan, produced by escherichia coli fermentation, produced 4% of acid and converted 20% of sugar and acid, with a cycle of 35-38 hours.


Tyrosine, produced by genetically engineered escherichia coli enzyme conversion, is made from phenol, pyruvate (glucose fermentation or lactase conversion). The conversion rate of tyrosine by phenol was more than 160%, and the yield of tyrosine was 85% in advance.

Technical Service

  • Bacteria for amino acids production
  • Technical support for fermentation and purification
  • Complete project design for production line
  • Operation and debugging for production line
  • Staff training
amino acid purification
amino acid purification

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