Gangliosides (GM1) Purification

Gangliosides are nerve growth, stable biofilm development and regeneration of the nervous system. Over the past decade, the treatment of brain diseases gangliosides applications is increasingly widespread.

Normally, gangliosides are extracted and purified from animals. This method use reverse phase chromatography to enrich and purify gangliosides from pig brain extract. Chromatography packing material is Bettsep® BP70.

Purification Process:

  1. Sample Preparation.
  2. Extraction
  3. Elution
  4. Product Test
Gangliosides Purification


Sample Sample Concentration (mg/ml) GM1 GD1a Effective Constituent
Peak Area Purity Peak Area Purity
BP70 elution 20.00 537764 15.90 1784815 52.78 2322579.00
Test 1 20.00 324722 10.98 1557115 52.64 1881837.00
Test 2 20.00 430437 17.17 1110457 44.30 1540894.00

Process characteristic

  1. Bettsep® BP70 filler can effectively enrich and purify the active components in the ganglioside extract with a purity of more than 50%. Compared with the current process, the content of active ingredients can be increased by more than 35%. The yield did not decrease obviously, and the resolubility was good.
  2. Bettsep® BP70 packing had a high dynamic load and was able to conduct sample loading and elution at a high flow rate. 70BV sample loading at a flow rate of 200ml/min was repeated three times in the experiment, with no flow penetration.
  3. After three pilot tests, the elution volume of Bettsep® BP70 filler was controlled at 7-8bv after 70BV of the loading solution, and no solid precipitate was observed during elution.
  4. After optimization, the process of upper sample elution with a high flow rate can be carried out, which only takes 10-11 hours per cycle, greatly improving production efficiency.
  5. Bettsep® BP70 packing has a stable production process, has achieved large-scale production, and through strict quality control to ensure the stability of each batch of packing.

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