Normal Phase Chromatography Media

GALAK Chromatography provides normal phase chromatography media as SiO2, CN, NH2 media.

Material Parameter

  Particle Size Pore Size Specific surface area Carbon content End capped Usgage pH
NH2 3/5/10μm 100Ǻ 330m²/g 7% Yes 2-8
CN 3/5/10μm 100Ǻ 330m²/g 5% Yes 2-8
Phenyl 3/5/10μm 100Ǻ 330m²/g 8% Yes 2-8
SiO2 3/5/10/15/20/50/75μm 100Ǻ 330m²/g - Yes 2-8
SiO2-Bio 3/5/10μm 300Ǻ 120m²/g - Yes 2-8

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