Rosmarinic Acid Purification

GALAK present invention relates to the purification process of Rosmarinic acid. Its feature is first to dissolve the crude product containing Rosmarinic acid with alkaline buffer, and filtering obtains sample solution;Sample solution is loaded on boric acid affinity column again, first boric acid affinity column is rinsed with alkaline buffer, then eluted to boric acid affinity column with acidic buffer, obtains affinity elution liquid;Then, affinity elution liquid is loaded onto macroporous resin column, first rinses macroporous resin column with purified water, then eluted with ethanol-water, obtain ethanol-water elution liquid;Finally, being dried under reduced pressure to ethanol-water elution liquid, the Rosmarinic acid product purified. Rosmarinic acid is isolated and purified using this method, the preparation process is simple, and without using poisonous and hazardous organic solvent, purification efficiency is high, and product purity is high, is suitable for industrialized production.



Rosmarinic Acid Purification


Rosmarinic Acid Purification

Purification Steps

1. Sample Prepare:
The crude product containing Rosmarinic acid is dissolved with alkaline buffer, adjusts the pH value of the solution in the range of 8 ~ 10, and filter The impurity for falling particles in solution shape, obtains sample solution.
2. Boric acid affinity purification:
Boric acid affinity column is first balanced with alkaline buffer, then sample solution is loaded on a boric acid affinity column, then with alkalinity Buffer rinses 3-8 column volume of boric acid affinity column, is finally eluted with the acidic buffer to boric acid affinity column, collection obtains Affinity elution liquid.
3. Macroreticular resin desalting refinement:
It is balanced after the macroporous resin column is regenerated with dehydrated alcohol with purified water, then affinity elution liquid is loaded onto macroporous resin column On, macroporous resin column is rinsed with purified water, the buffer salt and impurity contained in affinity elution liquid is removed, then uses ethanol-water It is eluted, collection obtains ethanol-water elution liquid.
4. Dried under reduced pressure:
Ethanol-water elution liquid is dried under reduced pressure, the Rosmarinic acid product purified.

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