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GALAK Chromatography Technology Co., Ltd is a technology-driven enterprise established by a team of experienced liquid chromatography experts who worked in the USA and Japan. Over 10 years of development, GALAK Chromatography has over 20 proprietary intellectual property rights on chromatography products and biochemical isolation technologies. With rich experiences in biochemical isolation, GALAK Chromatography products sales to over 10 countries like China, India, USA, Russia, Brazil. Products involved monoclonal antibodies purification, peptides isolation, protein isolation, nature chemicals purification, enantiomers resolution, and chromatography analysis. “Innovation, Cooperation, Mutual benefits” is our philosophy. GALAK Chromatography Technology is looking forward to cooperating with you.

GALAK packing material matrix

Virus Vaccine Purification

VirCap® AF Perfusion Resin

GALAK packing material particle picture

Adenoviridae ADV Purification

VirCap® InertShell Core-Shell Resin

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